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Writing five paragraph essays is a good way to learn to write essays in a structured and an organized way. Usually the purpose of writing five paragraph essays is to become accustomed to writing essays in a logical and structured way. Without a proper essay structure it can confuse the readers as well as the writer as he/she may struggle to include meaningful arguments in a coherent way. During high school five paragraph essays is way for the teachers to teach student to structure an essay in a logical way. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful tips to write five paragraph essays. Please read below to find out how you can write five paragraph essays.

The Introduction

The introduction is the first paragraph of a five paragraph essay and it consists of a strong beginning, usually with a question or an important statistic to grab readers’ attention. This paragraph consists of introduction of the key points of the essay along with a strong thesis statement. The key points are not discussed in detail and they are kept short just to give an idea to the readers what is coming ahead in the essay.

The Main Body

The main body of a five paragraph essay comprises three standalone paragraphs. In each paragraph you can discuss a key point from the introduction in detail along with arguments backed by facts and figures. Each paragraph can have a subheading and each has to be related to the main theme of the essay. It is very important to use transitions in each paragraph leading to the next paragraph to make a logical flow of the essay.

The Conclusion

The conclusion is the fifth and last paragraph of a five paragraph essay. It consists of a brief summary of the most important points of the entire essay. It consists of suggestions and solutions to the problem discussed in the essay. Lastly, restatement of the thesis statement from the introduction as a reminder to the readers about the main objective of the essay.

The five paragraph essay is the most basic type of essay and it helps students become accustomed to write essays in a more structured and logical way. Once students learn to write five paragraph essays they move onto writing more complicated types of essays.

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